What's Your Hashtag Strategy

Are you a hashtag star?

If you’re like me, you know that they are important but don’t know exactly have an actual strategy. Did you know that posts with at least 1 hashtag are at least 13% more likely to be seen! I use them to categorize my images when I personally am looking for something (in my personal life, #courtshappyplace is my most used one) but it is one of the best ways to get found by cutting through the social media noise and aligning with content that our audience is looking for.

If you want to post hashtags and keep it from breaking up your caption, you can post them in the first comment of your post (also known as covert hashtags) or if you want to bring

awareness of a hashtag that you might have created, you can include it in your caption, a.k.a. an overt hashtag.

Aim for 7-10 quality hashtags, with 3 in your actual caption and the rest in your comments. They should be a mix of large (over 1MM impressions) and some less used ones (between 1K - 800K) Chose them intentionally and keep them from feeling too spammy!

I've started spreadsheets where I can track the hashtags that i'm using and even group them together. However be careful to not just copy and paste the same hashtags into every post - Instagram will detect that and may think that it's spam.

What is your current hashtag strategy? Are you team covert or an unashamed overt hashtag user?

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