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Welcome to space where I am going to be sharing my creative inspiration, entrepreneur lessons, social media tip and resources, among other insights on running my business.

It's both exciting and a little scary to be blogging - I had a blog when I was a much more avid photographer but that was pre-Instagram (if you can even remember what that was like!) I'd stopped taking photos as often through the years, and also felt a bit like I lost of my voice... I think there's a connection between that, and feeling excited about actually creating SOMETHING. It's a realization that I had this past year when I was trying to identify why I felt unfulfilled by my job.

I wasn't getting to make anything, myself. I was surrounded by creative people and interesting projects and my involvement was just updating the spreadsheets to track the timelines. Now don't get me wrong - I LOVE ME an organized plan, but I am happiest when I am able to be creative....whether it is a strategy or an actual THING. Now that I've recognized that about myself, I am finding inspiration in a lot of little things, and starting to appreciate more around me. I've started learning more too, which has helped me revive that zest of life in my step. So I'm ready to share with my community what I'm learning and inspired by.

So you're welcome on this journey with me. I'm thrilled to have you along for the ride.

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