The Marketing Funnel

Would you ask someone to get married on the first date?

Most of us would not...and there's a reason why.


To amplify that - brides and grooms are in a season where they are making TONS of commitments in the season of engagement and wedding planning.

So ask yourself: are frustrated with your marketing? But are you basically going from no-risk offers by publishing your work on Insta to then expecting a bride to commit to you for your high-risk proposal?

You could be wasting your time by just being on wedding wire and hoping that people come to you when it is 100% possible to do so much more than that.

Think about the gaps where you are asking brides to take a large leap to the commitment and think of what you can do to help them take smaller steps to really trust you.

I teach you how to bridge the gaps in your process with my private coaching program so that you can guide your brides down the funnel with a white-gloved hand.

To see if I am a good fit for you, try my LOW-RISK 😉 download my guide to 30 ideas for your next social post here.

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