My Favorite Thing about Courtlynn Creative

Often times, people assume that the best part about being in marketing must be the photoshoots or the brand name recognition.

While those are both true, I’d have to say that my very favorite thing about what I’m doing with Courtlynn Creative is sitting down with amazingly creative artists that have hearts that want to serve. There is really nothing that energizes more than hearing about their missions and why they started their businesses and then digging into all the beautiful work they are doing as they serve their clients.

I can relate and really want to partner with them because I know those days as creative too. I really wanted to be a wedding photographer in my mid twenties but didn't have the guts to go for it full time...and I think if I had a partner and someone to support me my career may have taken a different path. I went back to look at my old photos recently, and while some styles have changed, I still really love those images. So when see opportunities to help another artist by freeing them from the marketing work so they can do what they do their thing, that is the best to me.

Being a part of their growth always gets me buzzy with ideas and wanting to show the world what they do. I wanted to share this inside look so you know just how much I love what I do. Truly.

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