From Hashtags to DM

Everyone wants to grow their Instagram accounts these days – and there is a right and wrong way to do it. Or more like tons of wrong ways to do it (don’t do follow trains, use bots or any other hacks!)

Instead, there are some steps below to increase your discoverability on Instagram by upleveling your hashtag game with these suggestions. Hashtags help people find you, BUT ALSO help you find people!

So here’s the hashtags to DM’s approach (courtesy of Social Curator)!

Step 1: Find a hashtag (or two) that your dream customer is on and then you’re going to start interacting with them on their posts

Step 2: This step is to start connecting with people. How? Don’t get scared – let’s start with liking and commenting on their content. You have the opportunity to follow the account or AT LEAST keep going back to their account.

Step 3: Take it to the next step and go to their stories. When you watch people stories and when they ask a question or have a poll make sure you respond! If they post something that you like, is in your sphere or expertise leave a comment. And this leads us to…

Step 4: Build trust one on one through DM’s. When you comment or send a response to someone’s story it automatically creates a DM which can then be an open dialogue between and this hopefully *future* customer of yours!

Does it sound like a lot of work? It’s totally worth it though! Make sure though that this is someone who definitely is an ideal customer of yours so that the connection can be authentic and not just a slimy sales pitch, and when you can, offer help or value and not just generic comments like “Love this”, “Fabulous babe” or “Love your account”. It takes more time to come up with something valuable to say but if you can earn their trust and a meaningful relationship, it’s MORE than worth it!

If you want help with your hashtag strategy or to up engagement and discoverability with your Instagram, I’d love to have a discovery call with you where we can talk through what is and isn’t currently working for you and figure out how to get your account seen!

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