7 Thing You Need For Your Marketing Campaign

Updated: Mar 1

When you started your business, you may have never studied to be a marketer - I didn't study marketing when I was in college - and I only learned about how it works and what goes into marketing a business when I did some coaching and online learning way after I graduated and wanted to move into a corporate marketing role.

Today I’m going to teach you what small businesses need for their social media marketing campaigns based on what I’ve learned and done at corporate companies and applied to my own business and my clients.

These 7 things are intended to help you focus on the core of making strategic content that hits your goal, instead of things like trying to hack the algorithm or find trending Reels.

These are the things you should have in every campaign, even if you are a solopreneur doing everything. Regardless of what is going on Instagram.

It really is the base for a social strategy too.

So as a refresher, a campaign is a connected series of actions all aiming to accomplish a goal. So for a marketing campaign, we need to start with #1: your goal.

Not every post will have the same purpose, so you need to know what you want to do in order to plan out what kind of content and what you’re going to say.

Some sample campaign goals can be:

  • Reaching new people that don’t know about your business

  • Nurturing people who have been following from you but haven’t bought yet

  • Motivating clients to talk about your business

  • To gain PR mentions

  • or the most common, to promote a sale

Once you determine what type of goal you want to hit with your campaign, make sure to determine how you’ll measure it: what number of people do you need to reach for the first goal. If you’re looking to gain PR mentions, how many podcasts or articles do you want to get booked for? And for sales: how many sales or dollars do you need to book?

Now that you know what you are trying to accomplish, the second thing you need to decide is budget: will you be doing this organically, with paid effort or a combo of the two.

Knowing this will determine how much content you need to make. As small biz, your budget will likely go to either paid ads like boosting a post, getting a resource like templates, or hiring people to help you with some aspect.

Determine your budget to determine how much manual effort you personally need to put in and how many different types of marketing you need. There’s a lot that can be said about budget but we won’t get into that now since how you approach will be impacted by your business goal.

The third thing you need is to decide on your marketing channels! Where are you going to talk about your campaign?

For a marketing message to make any impact, research has shown that you need to talk about something an average of 8 times for your audience to remember it. So this is where you can decide where these 8 touchpoints are going to take place.

Your options on social are the feed, Instagram stories, Instagram Live, Reels: you don’t have to use ALL of these to talk about your campaign, but they are all options. You should also include emailing your list if you have one.

#4: Clear messaging: that should include explaining as simply as possible what your campaign is about, why your audience should care; What’s in it for them? How long do they need to be aware of it? For most campaigns, you need to communicate painpoints as that why. And lastly, what’s the transformation that your audience gets from participating.

#5: Remember how you planned out 8 touchpoints in your campaign? You will want different types of content and a mix of different visuals to keep things fresh. Collect photos, make graphics, and if you will include video or audio, to use to communicate your campaign. For my current campaign about Creator camp, you've been seeing me use a mix of photos of me in the desert and memes, and live video. Not every campaign will include all of these though so decide what you have resources to create.

#6: Diving a bit deeper into the visual sides, having a unified color palette and branding helps connect the pieces of your campaign. Most great marketing campaigns have a noteworthy design. Whether it’s a sleek website design, a logo at the end of a video commercial, or an interactive infographic, make sure your design is professional and fitting for the purpose of the campaign.

#7: The last thing you need is a strong call to action. What do you want people to do: what’s the destination for people to go to take your desired action? That needs to be super clear and you also need to make sure you know so that you can close the loop and measure your success

So to recap in rapid style, the 7 things your campaigns need are:

  1. Measurable goals

  2. Budget

  3. Set marketing channels

  4. Clear messaging

  5. A Mix of content

  6. Connected branding

  7. A strong call to action and final destination

Want a checklist to plan your next campaign? Snag one here: GET THE CHECKLIST

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