10 Pieces of Content from One Styled Shoot

I always dreamed of participating in a styled shoot. I love a cohesive theme and collaborating with other wedding vendors. The exciting thing about these styled shoots is that they are very aspirational and the perspective that they are exclusive puts you in a desirable position for your potential clients.

Styled shoots are amazing opportunities to get content. Many of us participate to get photos of new work we've done which is great - but there is EVEN more content that you can get out of it.

The key is to take the experience and make it relevant to your audience and help them be invested in the process and outcome as well.

As creatives, we're always under pressure to make more content so here is a list of 10 ways you can use your styled shoot experience to share about your business and serve your audience.

1. When you sign on to do a styled shoot, do a story teasing out that you are excited about doing a styled shoot and use a poll sticker to ask the audience if they want to know more and if they want to follow along with your journey.

2. The following week: Do a story talking about your reasons for participating in a styled shoot and how it benefits them, as your audience:

  • To stretch yourself creatively

  • To contribute and collaborate with other vendors and build on those relationships

  • To execute a creative vision you’ve always wanted to do

  • To have something new to inspire them for their events

3. Anytime prior: Share a feed post of either a past styled shoot or a photo of yourself in action and share about your creative process and how you stay at the top of your craft

4. A week before the shoot, In a story, share what the inspiration for the shoot is and ask the audience to vote on something you might be wondering. For example ask them to choose between colors, fonts, types of photos or even what you’ll wear for the shoot

5. A few days before: Share footage of you prepping behind the scenes and just add text saying “behind the scenes!”

  • Could be you arranging flowers

  • Packing your camera bag

  • Printing out timelines

  • Handlettering a card

6. The morning of the shoot, before you go just announce in stories that you’re doing a styled shoot and say one thing you are looking forward to. This is basically a vibe check in with your audience so they are with you on the journey.

7. Film footage behind the scenes and make a Reel that is either a compilation of content or you can do a voiceover of your experience.

8. In a Instagram/Facebook feed post you can share about your favorite takeaway or detail from the shoot and why it was valuable for you to participate (think about showing how you have a community with fellow professionals which makes you more trustworthy!)

9. Share a story with behind the scenes clips and include a Boomerang with some people on set that you vibe with!

10. When the photos are ready, share it in your feed post with what you think will inspire your couples to incorporate into their wedding or event.

If you do several styled posts a year, you may want to pick your 4 favorite ideas from this list and make it as part of your styled shoot checklist. Don't forget that you can inspire your audience and build your authority with them using all parts of your business journey.

To get the inside info on a future styled shoot that I coordinate or more live training about how to create content, join my Facebook group specifically for Wedding vendors who want to use social media to build their brand.

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