Got your assets but still don't know how to use them? 

When your amazing photographer or designer gives you assets the next step is use them to get the attention of your target clients. 

That's where the strategy comes in.

I'm Courtney. 

I'm a social content strategist. 

What I do? I help people plan out what they're going to say in their social content to meet their business goals. 

Whether you're using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn the goal is the same: to connect with your audience so they remember who you are and understand what you're offering. 

I study the behaviors and research best practices to help entrepreneurs improve their marketing, and highlight their strengths. 

My specialty is working with coaches, creatives, and service providers who are building personal brands that serve with value. When you work with clients on a personal level, you need to build up their trust through letting them get to know you. 

I believe that the quality of social content is much more important than the quantity, and that is important that YOU be the voice of your brand instead of just following trends or outsourcing your content creation overseas. You're the face and voice of your audience.


But maybe you just need help knowing what to say.


I am going to help you make a strategic plan, instead of just throwing posts out there and hoping they stick. 


  •  1-hour Zoom call, one-on-one, with Courtney

  • Strategy worksheet template, which we will fill with of your month's Insta content 

What You'll Walk Away With: 

  • Selection of your content themes for the next 4 weeks

  • List of 12 post topics with your visuals selected: You'll know what to share and what to say!

  • List of action items to improve your Insta profile 


(A $350 value)


What Past Clients Say:

"Ever since I started working with Courtney, my content has improved drastically.


I 100% recommend working with Courtney. She is an amazing content and media coach that has helped me to know areas I need to focus on.


I appreciate the improvement that not only I was able to see but others as well.


Others have mentioned to me that there's been a good shift in my content. 

- Caroline Allec, Makeup Artist

Ready for an actionable content plan to leverage all your new amazing assets?