Learn how to use your Insta and other social media platforms to connect with dream clients and accelerate the know/like/trust process with them!


It doesn't matter if you're an experienced Insta queen who needs to get organized or just looking for some foundational skills.


I customize every coaching program to your unique needs and goals.

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Get Out of The Dark

You are not just someone with "a little business" or a "creative person"....  You are a business owner!!


You started your business because you have a passion to make life meaningful: through your work and through balancing your business with the other things important to you. 


And now, your time is full of clients, meetings, planning, networking... and sales and marketing? 


It's time to say goodbye to spending hours on google trying to figure out what you need to post on social.


So long webinars and free Facebook groups that offer the same generic advice you found on google.


Social media isn't a "one-size-fits-all" thing. 


It's time to get out of the dark and into a custom process that's perfect for YOU. 

Tell Your Story


There are a million gurus, coaches, mentors, and influencers out there. It can be hard to know who to listen to, and you might get advice that totally clashes, and you don't know what to do.


Having a coach means you've got someone holding you accountable to your deadlines & keeping you on track to reaching your goals.  You owe it to yourself and your business to take action.


As your coach, you get a teacher, mentor, study buddy, and business partner all in one. With 1:1 support from an expert & a personalized strategy for your business, you can reach your goals faster than you can alone. ​


Everyone's business is unique. With the 1:1 coaching program, you'll get individualized support and answers to specific questions that come up along the way.


With the processes and tools for social, you're going to feel like an influencer online! We'll work together to make sure you feel confident and ready to wow your dream clients with IG Stories and Reels. You'll be calm, cool, and collected when you show up on camera, make offers in your messages, and get people to notice your brand.

CARO 2.png

"Ever since I started working with Courtney, my content has improved drastically.


I 100% recommend working with Courtney. She is an amazing content and media coach that has helped me to know areas I need to focus on.


I appreciate the improvement that not only I was able to see but others as well. Others have mentioned to me that there's been a good shift in my content. 

Courtney is the best cheerleader you could have. She was always rooting for me and giving me a shout out whenever I hit a milestone. If there was a piece of content she was impressed with, she would always tell me personally.


Even   if you are meeting Courtney for the first time she makes you feel like she's a really good friend  and makes these coaching calls really comfortable. "

- Caroline Allec, @blushandbraids

So if you were ready YESTERDAY to get the process and tools to grow an engaged following on Insta that attracts your dream clients, it's time to start the 9-week program with 8  coaching calls over zoom!


✔️ 9-week program with video lessons on-demand and 8 live implementation calls, each 1 hour over Zoom

Lessons Covers: 

Module 1: 

  • Your branding

  • Landing your offer

  • Sales Mindset


Module 2:

  • Who is your dream client: Your ICA

  • Improving your Insta Bio

Module 3:    

  • Content brainstorming and planning

  • How to write captions

  • Organizing your content strategically

Module 4: 

  • Developing your signature Stories & IG Live style

  • How to use Reels that align with your brand and style (no dancing necessary!)

Module 5:  

  • How to batch your content creation

  • Designing  and laying out your Instagram aesthetic

  •  Scheduling  out your  content ahead of time with tools

  • Learn the Productive Prism method

Module 6:

- Hashtag strategies to improve organic growth

- How the algorithm works

- Streamline engagement processes to warm up your audience

- Engagement and lead generation on Facebook

- How to track your leads


Module 7: 

- Understanding analytics

- How to measure your success

- Finding collaborations that build your business​​


And because I love a cherry on top — let's talk extras!

✔️Social Media Audit

✔️Content Planner Template

✔️30 Insta Story Prompts

✔️15 Insta Reels Ideas

✔️Hashtag Tracker Template

✔️Leads Tracker Template

✔️VIP Speaking opportunities on IG Live

✔️Exclusive networking opportunities


Unlimited Slack access  for support and reviews​

All of that on TOP of the 8 implementation calls and 9 weeks of support.

Total Value: $3,575



*payment plans available



When you know you're ready to take the next step, fill out a quick application to work with me.


Once we know we're a great match - like champagne and OJ - pay the registration fee online.


Get the bubbly ready! You'll start training, & we'll celebrate your success together along the way.

"I had so much clarity and direction. I really feel like I understand all the things I needed to do and no longer feel overwhelmed or lost!

- Lauren Lancaster, Makeup Artist




Are we a match made in small biz heaven?

1:1 Coaching is perfect for you if you'd comment with a praise-hands-emoji on any of these:

  • You understand the importance of social media and having an online presence

  • You're open to new ideas, strategies, and insights to help you reach your business goals

  • You're willing to step out of your comfort zone and really show up for your audience

  • You're ready and excited to put in the upfront work time to set yourself up for long term social media success

  • You're committed to creating content that gives value and makes clients like, trust, and book you.

  • You're an action-taker by nature, and you do the work 


If you answered YES  to all these things,  then you are READY for a 1-on-1 coach. 🙌


I'm a business owner, content creator, not a social media "guru." So, I actually practice the skills I teach, and my methods are tested every day in my own biz.

In 2020, I left my safe, predictable career and started my own business.


Since then, I've helped clients significantly speed up their marketing processes by showing them my own systems.

I'm always learning and testing new content, and I love sharing what I learn! I know most small businesses are a one-person show, so shortcuts and timesavers are a must.

These insights, shortcuts, tips, and tricks have been collected into my 8-week coaching program. It was created with hard-working, passionate service-based professionals in mind, and it's already helped dozens shine on social without turning into full-time marketers. 

Are you ready to speed up your content creation and find out how to make your content attract more of the clients you actually want to work with?  

Fill out the application today to get your first consultation with me booked.