I'm a marketing content strategist, coach, podcast host, boba drinker, Kdrama lover, Disneyland Magic Keyholder & perhaps your new marketing bestie. 



I've worked in marketing for non-profits,  Fortune 500 companies, and digital media. 


However, I felt like I needed to express my creative side & use my artistic talents to help other people in a way my corporate job as a project manager never let me - so I started a few side hustles (like wedding photography and wedding hair and makeup!) 


But I never went full-time with any of them because of warnings my mom gave me: "You don't know if it's stable! Just work a regular job and get retirement!" 

This was the advice of someone who never felt like they had any choice. But I questioned: 


How many other women feel that way?



Women today CAN have businesses using creative skills and talents while WHILE building impact through wealth. And also have the families and lifestyle they desire, in a way that corporate America won't let them.

I had so many experiences watching women try to shoehorn their lives into their work, making sacrifices for the time they never get back. Often to contribute to their families' wellbeing. 

But they end up sacrificing the things they care about the most. 

Yet with more women in management roles - a.k.a. the "SHE-E-O" we see that wealth and resources are used to better more people: whether it be new jobs, gracious work schedules, compassion, purpose, and creating community. 

Women-owned businesses added half a million jobs between 1997 and 2007.

 With social media, I believe we women can run a business authentically using our God-given talents to help people, and work at the times that flow with your life, and not clash with them.


And when I lost my job during the pandemic, I was given the opportunity to do exactly that. 



My team and I have started a mission to help 10,000 female entrepreneurs stand out and rise to the top of their industries so they can impact more lives.

When I lost my job during the craziest time of the pandemic, I decided to take my chance and finally build my own business and community of women entrepreneurs by helping them with their social media and branding specifically.


It was A GRIND and required mental toughness. And that's when I came to believe that a steady business shouldn't require you to be pumping out non-stop Insta content to get seen if you're not a social pro.


And doesn't making marketing content sometimes feel like another full-time job? That's where I come in. 


Why is social media and content my thing?

With my corporate marketing experience working with $400K campaigns, photography background, creative eye, storytelling skills, and small business passion, we're going to make you stand out and be MEMORABLE so that your people know you're the one for them when they see you. 

Annnd I also want to give you balance so that you can make those big CEO decisions and grow your biz. 


Because I HONESTLY believe that we are made for more than work. We're made for relationships and to fulfill our purpose.

And when we do, we feel lit up - we feel magical. 


 I value learning and relationships -  which is why I LOVE working with creatives and coaches. 

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Now Let's Talk About You

I am here so you can focus on your journey to be a better wife, mom, friend, entrepreneur, business owner, and anything else you want to be! So are you a match to work with me? Read on to see...

Sounds like you?

✅ "I am an action taker: I'm not content to just sit back and do nothing."

✅ "I have a lot of ideas just not sure how to tackle them. But a plan would help!"

✅ "I don't know all the things about marketing but I am hungry to learn."

✅ "Getting more followers isn't the thing I'm after. I want to have a sustainable business."

✅ "I know what I'm offering to people and what people like about my service."

✅ "I really care about my overall client experience. I want to make sure that my clients understand what I can do for them and to make sure I deliver on that." 

✅ "Making smart investments in my company is something that I know I will have to do now or in the future."

✅ "I want to better balance my business with the rest of my life: I want to make sure I am there for the people I love." 

Nodding your head?


How about feeling the love? If its time for us to meet IRL and start talking about your goals and how I'm going to help you meet them, book a discovery call so you can catch me up on what's been going on in your world.